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Within 24 hours of the official launch The Power Of Playing Offense became a #1 Bestseller!


CEO, Zoom Video Communications

Foreword by Eric Yuan

Leaders set the tone for culture, and culture sets the tone for people. As each day passes, we increasingly need courageous leadership. So now the question becomes, what makes a great leader?

Mountains of books and research have been written on the traits, skills, and qualities that provide this answer. In my mind, one book easily rises to the top: The Power of Playing Offense.

50+ Ways You Can Play Offense

As the ‘Why’ Coach inside the San Francisco 49ers front office, one question kept Epstein up at night: Who is coaching the coaches? He noticed a crucial gap in the development of leaders; they were expected to lead others before they learned to lead themselves. In an effort to fill this gap in the market, Epstein curated this interactive playbook for leaders like you, with more than 50 activities, tools, and strategies you can implement on Monday morning—so we can all level up as leaders, transform our teams, and build a life and career of fulfillment and impact.

The Power of Playing Offense is designed as a leadership reference guide to keep nearby for years to come, chocked full of high-utility trainings and exercises for you and your team, with over 50 activities to implement on Monday morning.

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Paul Epstein, founder of Purpose Labs, successfully steered business teams that executed billion-dollar NFL campaigns, broke Super Bowl revenue records, and generated league-leading sales results for cellar-dwelling NBA clubs. He then served as a consultant for the largest brands in business and sports. But after experiencing his own personal and career transformation, Epstein embarked on a mission to tackle a crisis of leadership. Now, in The Power of Playing Offense, Epstein invites you to meet him at the 50, and get real about taking a people-first approach that boosts performance, perseverance, and passion.


Luc Robitaille

Hockey Hall of Fame Player; three-time Stanley Cup Champion; President, Los Angeles Kings

The Power of Playing Offense is one of the most detailed and easy-to-follow leadership playbooks ever developed.


Jon Gordon

Eight-time Wall Street Journal bestselling author, including The Energy Bus

A transformational playbook that inspires a culture of leadership to get your entire team on the bus toward success—and significance. 


Gail Stoltze

Executive Vice President, Human Resources, AEG

The Power of Playing Offense delivers a tactical blueprint for how to unleash the potential of talent—in yourself and others.


Rich Diviney

Retired Navy SEAL Officer; Author and Speaker 

Paul imparts action-oriented lessons from the trenches of leadership, with a people-first approach that will resonate at every level.

Playing Offense

The Five Pillars

Over a fifteen-year run in the business of professional sports, Paul became immersed in the world of high-performance teams and the impact of leadership on people and culture. As he began to understand the mindsets, habits, and practices required to show up and perform at our best, Paul was fascinated by what separated the elite from the pack—and how those elites led others to do the same. Over time, he recognized how these all-too-rare leadership skills could materialize into transformations. Paul then seized the opportunity to implement and refine these practices, and has now curated these lessons and insights into an innovative framework of five pillars— which you’ll soon learn in great detail.

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About The Author

Paul Epstein

Paul Epstein is an expert in leadership and organizational culture with nearly fifteen years of experience as a professional sports executive for multiple NFL and NBA teams, a global sports agency, and the NFL league office—leading and coaching business teams, most recently with the San Francisco 49ers. It was there that Paul had a life-changing transformation—he found his ‘Why’—to inspire purpose in others so they can play offense in life. A calling he has followed ever since.

Paul received his MBA from the University of Michigan, following his undergraduate degree at USC. He resides in Pasadena, CA with his wife, two labradoodles, and their future leader, PJ.

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