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12 Ways To Live On Purpose in 2022

1. Attack each day with a GROWTH mindset. A life of growth is a life of unlimited potential. When growth is prioritized, there is no finish line.

2. Be relentlessly POSITIVE. Every time you walk in a room, you warm it up with positivity, or you cool it off with negativity. Own your weather system, positive energy will surround you.

3. GRIT will endure any climate. There’s an easy road, or a hard road. Those that thrive in adversity “take the stairs”, especially when they don’t have to.

4. CURIOSITY is fuel for the mind. It is better to be “interested” vs. “interesting”. When interested, you’ll appreciate people and moments like you never have before.

5. Ignite your PASSION. There is a deeper burn inside all of us. Think what lights you up, what you daydream about, or what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail. Take the first step.

6. AUTHENTICITY wins. Give up your terms, give up your life. Know what YOU want, know WHO you are, and know WHY you do it. This is the reflection needed to genuinely live on YOUR terms.

7. Embed GRATITUDE into each day. When we live with a spirit of what we “get” to do, vs. what we “have” to do, life begins to happen “for us”, not “to us.” We GET to choose gratitude.

8. Avoid the external HAPPINESS trap. We often think “I’ll be happy when…” we get the new car or new raise—then we get there, and happiness quickly expires. Lasting happiness starts within.

9. Choose COURAGE over comfort. Comfort is safe, natural, and tempting. However, when we play it safe, we rarely grow, and often feel stuck. The key to courage: divorce fear from failure.

10. SERVICE is the passage to purpose. As Picasso said, “the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Contribution amplifies impact. It’s always bigger than you.

11. No standards, no EXCELLENCE. High achievers understand that the standard is the standard. High bar, high results. Do what others won’t, there is very little traffic on that road.

12. Lead with IMPACT. Be the difference maker you are destined to be. At home, at work, at school, in the community, within yourself. Those that count on you have never needed it more.

Excited to make 2022 OUR year to live ON PURPOSE. In the coming months, stay tuned for updates on new partnerships, major projects, and a new podcast ON PURPOSE.

🥂 to the impact ahead!

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